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Chez Scheme bootfiles bootstrapped by Racket


Chez Scheme is a self-hosting compiler: building it requires ``bootfiles'' containing the Scheme-implemented portions compiled for the current platform. (Chez can then cross-compile bootfiles for all other supported platforms.)

The Racket package cs-bootstrap (part of the main Racket Git repository) implements enough of a Chez Scheme simulation to load the Chez Scheme compiler purely from source into Racket and apply the compiler to itself, thus bootstrapping Chez Scheme. Bootstrapping takes about 10 times as long as using an existing Chez Scheme, but cs-bootstrap supports Racket 7.1 and later, including the Racket BC variant.

Note that the generated bootfiles are specific to Racket's fork of Chez Scheme, and cs-bootstrap does not currently support building upstream Chez Scheme.

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