Package: tracker @ 3.3.3


Metadata database, indexer and search tool


Tracker is a search engine and triplestore for desktop, embedded and mobile.

It is a middleware component aimed at desktop application developers who want their apps to browse and search user content. It's not designed to be used directly by desktop users, but it provides a commandline tool named tracker for the adventurous.

Tracker allows your application to instantly perform full-text searches across all documents. This feature is used by the {emphsearch bar in GNOME Files, for example. This is achieved by indexing the user's home directory in the background.

Tracker also allows your application to query and list content that the user has stored. For example, GNOME Music displays all the music files that are found by Tracker. This means that GNOME Music doesn't need to maintain a database of its own.

If you need to go beyond simple searches, Tracker is also a linked data endpoint and it understands SPARQL.

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